Surf the Flowrider

Grand Turk, TCA (Dec 2012)

My Favourite Cruise Port

Man I sucked at riding the surfboard. For whatever reason, I could not keep my balance. I ate it hard all four rides. But, it was a lot of fun and I really want to do it again. I also can’t wait to go back to Grand Turk. I’ve been to about a dozen different cruise ports and this was definitely the nicest.

Carnival Valor

The Carnival ship docked right up on the beach. I had never seen that before. You can practically swim beside your boat. The beach is really beautiful and loaded with beach bars and shops. You can easily get free wifi as to avoid paying a fortune for it on the boat. Nothing like showing off with a beach Instagram or Facetiming friends buried in snow back home.

It might be too busy for some but I love to people watch and play beach volleyball with strangers. Unlike my stop in La Romana, where there was absolutely nothing to get off the boat and do, you don’t need to pay for an excursion in Grand Turk to have a good time. There’s plenty to do and see.

Still, I love to snowboard and surf so I couldn’t pass up at the chance to try the Flowrider. In my group of 20, only one other person knew how to surf and had been on the machine before. The rest of us sucked but provided great entertainment for at least 100 people watching poolside. It was like watching Fail Compilation video from YouTube but live.

My dad and my sister kicked my ass. My dad was on for almost a minute and Katie was up for almost two.

Be Ready to Fall

There was one girl in our group who had an awful experience. I have tremendous respect for her courage because she definitely wasn’t the most athletically inclined. Hands down, she had the worst falls. Even when on the boogie board she get tossed around. The crowd watching seemed to feel her pain. A loud “Oooooo…” at the end of each run. On her last run though, she fell awkwardly on her butt and the gushing water pulled her bathing suit bottoms below her knees. Since the water comes out so fast, she couldn’t coordinate herself to pull them back up. The operators had to shut the machine off but that only made it worse. Suddenly there was a silence replacing the very loud machine and everybody at the resort turned to look. It was awful.

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